The location of the agency was not chosen by pure coincidence. It is not the hectic, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the metropolitan area of Munich that influences the everyday work of the fashion agency, but the peaceful environment of a small little village sitting in a landscape that looks like the scenery in a picture book.

Claudia’s location of choice strengthens the creativeness of her team and allows for the conscious self-realization of the individuals. This close contact with nature encourages almost unsurprisingly a creative performance in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The priority of the agency is a competent, excellent and all-around service. The long-lasting customer and retailer relationships show a strong trust and loyalty. In a fashion cosmos that becomes more and more complex, trendy Avantgarde brands offer an amazing variety of accommodating Fashion orientation.

Claudia always finds new motivation and flexibly adapts to the needs of her customers by fulfilling their expectations.


Flessa Family – The Symphony of the Power women
„No one can play a symphony alone.
You need an orchestra to perform one.“

Claudia Flessa
The community of her clients can funnily be described as a “fan-club”. Claudia’s unbreakable optimism and her never-ending ability to be excited have everybody looking at her.
The boss lives and loves life in all its plentiful and great shades. She has a bond to nature as well as the feel for innovative clothing. You can meet her whilst baking bread in the countryside, at the Paris fashion week or while doing Yoga in India.
No matter where, she always works as one with the world surrounding her.

She feels with the head and thinks with the heart.

Anna-Maria Winkelmayer
The thought of the back office support without the determined woman, with her charming Bavarian accent, is unbearable. She is an outstanding member of staff in administrative tasks and is the uncrowned soul of the office.
Rather than hectic fashion trouble, she prefers the basic analysis of orders. Her workload consists not of the fashion flow, but mainly the cash flow.

Job role:
Back office, claims and credit control

Claudia Schneider
Miss Schneider has been a great presence in the fashion business for years now. A one hundred percent performance is the key to success- not only at work.
The mother of three children switches sides every season without a problem: during fairs, she is a competent selling professional, after the fairs Claudia takes care of her family with all her love. Chapeau!

Job role:

Manuela Zimmer
The passionate PR and communication professional travels between Milan and Munich. Text writing and juggling with words and terms is her favourite thing to do - whilst working, as well as in her private life.
The most important things are reading, writing, checking and correcting, until the last, decisive adjective got its place in the text and consequently has a right to exist.

Job role:
PR and communication, selling

Derya Grase
From Berlin to Headquarter Flessa, Derya recently changed Big City Life with idyllic Country-Flair.
A long friendship links the Marketing Expert with Claudia Flessa – they both spent their childhood in “Franken”. With her sunny temper and refreshingly cheerful disposition, Derya will always be good company and a positive support during the sales season.

Job role:
Selling, appointments

Larissa Chudicek
We are pleased to introduce  our new intern Larissa, who will do an internship during the next sales season. Larissa is actually student at the Munich Akademie Mode & Design. Fascinated by the phenomenon fashion for its dynamic contribution to  individual emancipation … she is enthusiastic about  having  the opportunity to participate in all aspects of our agency. A perfect balance between theoretical and practical experience.